Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Hyundai By Robert From Cape Jarvis

Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Hyundai By Robert From Cape Jarvis‎

“Re: Mr. David Burton

On the twenty-first day of September, my wife and I took delivery of a new i30 manual Diesel. This machine is our fourth Hyundai, the others being two Terracans (one of which we still have) and an Excel.

Approximately three to four weeks ago we visited your Dealership when the contract to purchase was signed. Since that time the sales consultant with whom we negotiated the purchase has demonstrated outstanding care for our welfare as we have proceeded through the purchase of this vehicle. His conduct within the showroom was exemplary, showing a gentle concern for our needs as he guided us towards the sale. I do admit that we were going to buy an i30 anyhow, but David made the whole process so much easier and he met our requirements perfectly. We left the dealership that day quite happy with what we had “achieved”.

The process did not end there. During the time it took for the vehicle to be brought over from Sydney, cleaned, pre delivered and to have and to have accessories fitted, we were contacted no less than four times to let us know what was happening. We believe that the way in which David handled this sale was absolutely first class.

I have been in the automotive scene since 1960. My father was a Volkswagen dealer and I did my apprenticeship there. Later I joined TAFE for a period of 26 years. I am still a member of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers. I have had a keen interest in the way vehicle sales consultants react to various customer demands for many years. My wife and I put certain demands on David and he produced an outcome suitable to what we were after.

I would ask you to please thank him wholeheartedly on our behalf.

Robert, Btch, MIAME.”

– Robert from Cape Jarvis.

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