Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Anthony From Craigburn Farm

Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Anthony From Craigburn Farm
Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Anthony From Craigburn Farm

Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Anthony From Craigburn Farm

“Hello Andrew,

I hope you don’t mind me emailing, but I simply had to let you know about our experience at Adrian Brien over the weekend.  I believe people are generally very happy to complain when something goes wrong or they receive poor service, but not so quick to provide feedback when they have a positive experience.  I hope my email will go some small way to addressing thet.

Back in November we had our first experience with Adrian Brien, when we were in the market for a new car for my wife.  We ended up buying a delightful orange Ford Fiesta, which we saw on your forecourt – which we are thoroughly delighted with.  It was about the time you were changing around your showrooms to accommodate the new Alfa Romeo and Fiat franchises, and as I have a long held dream to own an Alfa Romeo, i was introduced to Jacques Du Toit (JD) who promised to help me when I was ready to look at buying an Alfa Romeo.

On Friday, I brought my wife’s Fiesta for its 3,000km service (great job, by the way – extremely well organised and efficient service arrangements!), and thought I’d call in to see JD and see how realistic a new Alfa Romeo was. Well, as I am in my 50s and bought many cars over time (primarily in the UK, before emigrating), I can honestly say that only once before in my life have I been treated in such a special way by any previous dealership I have visited!  JD provided exceptional service, taking time to explain about the model options, and more importantly taking time to understand my needs and how my dream could become a reality.  We arranged to come back for a test drive in the MiTo on Saturday, and suffice to say, by the time we left your showroom, we had bought the gorgeous red MiTo you have in stock.

JD is an absolute credit to you, your dealership and the Alfa Romeo franchise.  He made us feel as though we were the most important customers he had, and gave us the time we needed, and moreover was incredibly knowledgeable about the models range and features – which I think is a amazing achievement given that the whole Alfa Romeo and Fiat ranges are very new to your dealership.  Customer service is often the only thing which can separate retailers in a competitive market, and JD has certainly nailed that on your behalf.

It was an absolute delight and pleasure to deal with JD – and whilst I am sure you are already aware of what an incredible asset is to your dealership team, I just felt the need to write and thank you for the first class service and customer experience we received from JD, and hopefully you will pass on our gratitude to JD.

I am looking forward to picking up our new Alfa Romeo in a couple of weeks time, and with the MiTo and my wife’s Fiesta, look forward to a long and happy motoring relationship with Adrian Brien.

Thank you, and kind regards


– Anthony from Craigburn Farm.

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