Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Rick From Hamilton Island

Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Rick From Hamilton Island


“Hi Andrew,

I thought I should acquaint you of my experiences with Adrian Brien Ford after purchasing a 2nd hand (2004) Pajero.

Having mostly purchased family cars at govt auctions or privately and having heard some of the stories about used car dealers I was wary from the outset when I decided to purchase this Pajero.

Within 1 week the LPG system was causing the car to stall so I rang the salesman, half expecting an excuse that LPG was not covered under warranty.  Not so, the car was booked in promptly, and a  loan car provided. As the gas could not be fixed by your service dept the car was sent out to a gas specialist.  And the loan car I expected to be some older trade in but it was a low mileage FG Falcon.

A week or so later the 4WD system started to play up, intermittently putting itself into 4WD and the dropping out with a loud clunk.  As well low range would not engage and the indicator lights did not appear to be working properly.  So I again contacted the sales person who went for a drive with me but of course everything worked perfectly except for the indicator lights.  Nevertheless he agreed something was not right and it was booked in again.  Another loan car, this time a ute as he knew we needed a wagon to move house.  On the morning I was to return the car, after service dept advised the Pajero was ready, the salesman called to say he had driven the car again and it was NOT fixed and would be going to a Mitsubishi dealer for further attention.

A few weeks later one of your PR girls called to check if I was happy with the car and service.  I told her I thought the front rotors needed machining and was that covered under warranty ?.  She immediately put me through to service dept who advised that was not really a warranty item but bring it in and they would skim the rotors – duly done and problem not entirely fixed but definitely much better.

The point of this email is to say that I had low expectations of service from a dealer and I was quite wrong.  The service all round has been excellent, no excuses or reasons why not but just a let’s fix the problem attitude.  The sales person was Joel Mani and his commitment to making sure I was a satisfied customer has been absolutely outstanding.  I cannot speak highly enough of his attitude and service ethic.

I guess you don’t get a lot of emails like this but as a manager involved in marketing and customer service in tourism for the past 40 years I felt you would like to hear of my (very) good and positive experience with your organization.  And if you want to use extracts from this email in any way as a testimonial please feel free to do so.



Hindmarsh Island.”

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